Food suplements






As the industry of dietary supplements

is developing at a rapid pace, we have

created a clinical research unit for their

clinical testing. We conduct clinical

studies on both healthy volunteers and

patients with a given condition.

 We focus on the following areas:


  • Pre-diabetic and diabetic diets
  • Nutrition in elderly people
  • Food Safety
  • Food supplement interactions
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Microbiome/Microflora
  • Energy metabolism
  • Women’s nutrition


Our professional team of clinical investigators,

research dietitians, study nurses, coordinators

and clinical trial managers combine nutrition

expertise with full clinical research capabilities.

We will support your new product whether it is

as new molecule or innovated food product and

proof its safety, efficacy, bioavailability and

tolerance. Human Nutrition research team

consists of:


  • Pharmacologists
  • Dieticians
  • Food and nutrition scientists
  • Medical nurses 
  • Psychologists


To support our partners, we offer

the following services:


  • Study designing
  • ICF and CRF development
  • Subjects recruitment
  • Project management
  • Regulatory support
  • Outsourced statistical services
  • Medical writing services
  • Final report preparation
  • Data archival                                                        


To start a clinical trial on dietary supplements only an approval from the Local Ethics Committee of our research center is required.