Phase I Clinical Trials in Oncology





Convex Clinical Research Center strives to conduct innovative phase I trials

that aim at improving the management of cancer. We partner with a team of

oncologists and early phase trial specialists ready to meet any clinical trial protocol

requirement. We developed a network of oncology centers spread out the entire

country, where other specialists are ready to refer suitable subjects for our clinical

trials and even further facilitate our subject recruitment progress. All clinical trials

are conducted in compliance with ICH/GCP. The medical center disposes of

adequate facilities, equipped consulting rooms and extensive database of patients

that enables our teams to recruit the desired number of patients as set in the

protocol. Infrastructure, equipment, suitable teams and good management

contribute to the high quality performance of assigned projects.


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Our phase I oncology team consist of:

  • PI - Oncologist
  • SI - Oncologists
  • SI - Cardiologist
  • SI - Intensive care specialist
  • SI - Medical imaging specialist
  • Study nurses 
  • Clinical trial coordinator
  • Clinical trial manager