Site Feasibility and Site Selection



We deeply investigate sites ability to complete a project successfully, taking into account all technological, financial, legal, operational and scheduling factors. We perform

Investigator/site level feasibility. We identify clinical sites based on our previous experience. We recognize any possible challenges, so that we select the most suitable

sites according to a particular study requirements. We take into consideration the following:


  • All clinical aspects
  • Sites interest and previous experience
  • Site demographic  
  • Recruitment and retention capacity and speed of enrollment, referral networks, competing trials and retrospective data evidence
  • Study team structure  and availability of qualified site personnel and positions
  • Site infrastructure and availability of equipment/facilities
  • Ethical aspects and requirements and timelines
  • Financial aspects
  • Quality of work


We collaborate with the following number of experienced clinical sites, as per therapeutic area:


  • Cardiology > 40 clinical sites
  • Pulmonology > 40 clinical sites
  • Allergology > 20 clinical sites
  • Dermatology >20 clinical sites
  • Oncology >25 clinical sites
  • Rheumatology > 10 clinical sites
  • Endocrinology >20 clinical sites
  • Ophthalmology > 15 clinical sites
  • Gastroenterology > 20 clinical sites
  • CNS > 20 clinical sites
  • Pediatric > 15 clinical sites
  • Psychiatric > 20 clinical sites