A clinical trial on dietary supplement is a complex project with a lot moving parts. It is crucial to conduct precious planning and execution to a project in order to achieve all project goals All that requires strong management and strategic oversight. Convex team understands the importance of effective planning, budgetary and timeline considerations and maintaining open communication and collaboration with all partners — the sponsor, investigators, labs, vendors, regulatory agencies and ethics boards.

Convex Center for human drug research is registered under national legislation as a diagnostic consulting center. Our center has 5 medical exam rooms supplied with all necessary equipment for outpatient care. Currently, medical doctors in the following therapeutic areas work within the CRC: (in case of multi-center trials) or by a local site EC (in case of single center trials). This is a big advantage with regards to timelines, budget and submission dossier requirements. In spite of the simpler regulatory procedure, we take the clinical conduct of a food supplement study with the same level of responsibility as any other study. We utilize a well-established network of referring General Practitioners, as well as target advertisement for reaching the recruitment goals of food supplement studies. Clinical trial data on dietary supplements is of essence for gaining access to new markets, supporting unique claims or exploring new regulatory pathways and we are here to help you obtain it.