Research area




Convex Clinical Research Center was designed and built to

address all the needs of the clinical research process.

Our facilities include but are not limited to:

  • 15 beds with IV infusion capability
  • Sample processing room
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Volunteers recreation area
  • Computers with free WiFi/games
  • TVs and a DVD library
  • Temperature-controlled, access-controlled drug storage area
  • Access-controlled sample storage room
  • Five consulting rooms
  • Archiving facility
  • Office space
  • Waiting room
  • Reception

We utilize state-of-the art equipment:

  • Monitoring equipment, including ECGs, e-BP monitors, Holter                                                   monitors and emergency equipment
  • Refrigerated and ambient centrifuges
  • Freezers supporting 4°C, -20°C and -70°C supplied with real-time                            temperature monitoring and alarm systems
  • Audio communication system
  • Synchronized clock system
  • Pull-cord and push-button emergency devices
  • 24/7 extensive hi-tech external/internal security monitoring and                                           video surveillance system




  • Alarm system including an intrusion detection system and panic buttons
  • Fire alarm system connected to the central Fire Safety and Civil Protection unit
  • Standby generator in the event of power failure, covering the whole premises of the CRC for 48h
  • Catered meals service
  • Courtesy telephones
  • Abundant free parking
  • Accessible public transport                                                                                                          

The site has external access to: Safety Lab, CT, MRI, micro CT, x-ray.