Clinical studies at Convex

Cinical studies

Current clinical studies

At Convex – dedicated clinical research site with phase I unit we warmly welcome you to participate into our available and current clinical studies. Clinical trials have pivotal role in advancing medical science and knowledge, aiming to improve the quality of life for human.

As a healthy volunteer, you will receive compensation for your time and the opportunity cost from your workplace, all while contributing to the development of new medicinal products and medical methods that are being investigated and that can potentially benefit people globally, including your loved ones. With over 34 years of experience, we have conducted various clinical trials, starting from First-in-man through clinical phases 1 to clinical phase 3.

Clinical studies

The safety of clinical study participants

Throughout this time, our unwavering commitment has always been towards ensuring the safety of clinical study participants. This is our fundamental principle. Your journey as a participant in a clinical trial begins with just a phone call, allowing our clinical researchers to secure the most suitable clinical trial for you. Following this, you will undergo medical examinations with several of our physicians, who will answer to all of your questions regarding the study.

Free-of-charge medical examinations will be provided, along with essential measurements and sample collections to guarantee your safety throughout the clinical program.Our dedicated staff will prioritize your comfort and keep you well-informed during your entire stay with us. Our highly experienced clinical physicians and the investigational team will closely monitor your safety and well-being when administering investigational product. During your free time here, you can engage in activities such as playing video games, watching TV, reading, studying, or meet with new friends.

We take care of all your needs. Daily meals and snacks will be provided to you during your entire stay.
Upon completion of your stay, you may be requested to return for a few follow-up visits. Explore the opportunity to participate in future clinical trials, as many participants decide to do so. Registered yourself at or contacting us at +35929863109.