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Healthy volunteers

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Convex Clinical Research Institution constantly maintains and develops a database of healthy volunteers ready to participate in clinical trials and medical device investigations. On a weekly basis we communicate with our study participants to ensure their future interest in participating within our clinical projects. With a database of over 1800 potential healthy volunteers we meet our sponsors’ expectations of recruitment strategy and study goals. We reach healthy volunteers recruitment within timelines given by our sponsor companies. We focus on excellent communication with our participants, which we believe, it is the key factor for successful study subject recruitment and retention. Our clinical research team helps build relationships with participants and ensure their needs and requirements are met. On a project basis we gather healthy volunteers’ feedback about their experiences and improve our services so that we improve their hospital stay with us. During the entire course of the study, volunteers’ satisfaction is our primary focus. Our healthy subject database includes over 1800 non-smoking subjects. It consists of students and young people representing 84 % of our participants and a second group of 55+ aged (postmenopausal and elderly) participants. Please contact us with a request and we can share more information on our healthy subject population.