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Healthy volunteers

Healthy Volunteers

Healthy Volunteers for Clinical Studies

Convex Clinical Research Institution constantly maintains and develops a database of healthy volunteers ready to participate in clinical trials and medical device investigations. On a weekly basis we communicate with our study participants to ensure their future interest in participating within our clinical projects. With a database of over 1800 potential healthy volunteers we meet our sponsors’ expectations of recruitment strategy and study goals. We reach healthy volunteers recruitment within timelines given by our sponsor companies. We focus on excellent communication with our participants, which we believe, it is the key factor for successful study subject recruitment and retention. Our clinical research team helps build relationships with participants and ensure their needs and requirements are met. On a project basis we gather healthy volunteers’ feedback about their experiences and improve our services so that we improve their hospital stay with us. During the entire course of the study, volunteers’ satisfaction is our primary focus. Our healthy subject database includes over 1800 non-smoking subjects. It consists of students and young people representing 84 % of our participants and a second group of 55+ aged (postmenopausal and elderly) participants. Please contact us with a request and we can share more information on our healthy subject population.

Healthy Volunteers Studies

For healthy volunteers

As a healthy volunteer, you have the opportunity to participate in one of our clinical research programs that are conducted at Convex Pharmacology unit.
In order for this to happen you must meet certain inclusion criteria. Before any start you need to be aware of that you have no acute or chronic medical conditions and you have not participated in any other clinical studies in the last 6 months
If you meet these 2 basic criteria please contact our specialist and discuss more on your potential participation in the clinical studies that are currently under processing.

In order to proceed, you will need to go through several stages of assessment:

Stage 1: Introducing the participant to the clinical study. During this stage, the participant receives basic information about nature and progress of a clinical study including information on: drug under investigation, potential risks of participation, study duration, procedures and etc.
Stage 2: Informed consent.  You are provided with an informed consent in a language that is understandable to you, which contains full information about your participation during the course of the study.
Stage 3: A detailed discussion with the principal investigator about your participation. During this discussion with a clinical investigator, you will be encouraged to ask any questions that you may have and receive clarification regarding your participation. In case you have missed an important question, it can be discussed with the clinical study investigator at a later stage before ICF is being signed. It is advisable to discuss your participation with your family doctor or your family members. If you wish to proceed you will be invited to the next stage of the process:
Stage 4: Signing an informed consent. In the presence of the medical team members, you and a principal investigator will sign and date the informed consent. Please note that you have the right to withdraw your consent and to terminate further consent at any time without giving a specific reason.
Stage 5: A complete examination to assess your health. After finalizing your informed consent and if you are willing to further participate, you will proceed to a full medical examination. A blood sample will be taken from you for testing. If you have been assessed by the research team as a healthy volunteer and meet all criteria for inclusion in a clinical study, you can move forward.

For more information about healthy volunteers clinical studies, please contact us via phone.

Convex Healthy Volunteers Clinical Studies

Being a participant, it is completely normal to be concerned about your safety. That is why here at Convex Clinical Research Center, the welfare of our participants is our top priority. The initial documentation for every clinical trial we undertake is submitted to the Bulgarian Drug Agency and to the Central Ethics Committee. As independent regulatory bodies they review the available information and ensure that each trial maintains the highest levels of safety before giving their approval. Prior to any on-site assessments or screening procedures, you will be asked to sign an Informed Consent Form to confirm that you completely understand what is expected of you as a clinical trial volunteer. One of our physicians/ investigators will be assisting you in the process of signing and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the clinical study, your safety and the possible side effects.

Data base of healthy subjectsEvery year hundreds of healthy volunteers participate in our research programmes. Based on the length of the clinical study or subjects involvement the studies are paid differently.
Healthy subjectAny non-smoking person, over 18 years of age, who has no chronic or accute disease can freely register for further clinical assessments and participation into our clinical trial pipeline.
Clinical trial durationA Clinical trial can vary between single ambulatory visit tomultiple site visits or from 24 hour site stay to 30 days of hospitalization. A study might have a long period of follow-up after the clinical trial treatment phase is completed.
Paid clinical studiesAll clinical trials which enroll healthy subjects are paid. Reimbursement fee depends on many details over a study design, time participation and variety of clinical reserch procedures involved.
Clinical research center with phase I unitOur research institution is build-up in a way to confort our research participants so that everyone can enjoy their time during the entire course of a clinical research study.