Clinical Trials

Food Supplements

Our experience include but not limited to:

  • Assess the safety and efficacy of a probiotic supplement
  • Bioavailability of food supplement in healthy subjects
  • Assess the effects of food dietary on QL with COPD
  • Effectiveness of food supplement in Reducing Pain and Inflammatory Component in Osteoarthritis
  • Effect on herbal supplement in immune system stimulation
  • Nutritional supplement efficacy on skin in healthy adults
  • The Effects of a food supplement on general health and QL
  • Effect of dietary supplement on the body mass index in patient with severe obesity
  • Assess the Efficacy of food supplement  in osteoarthritis patients
  • Effectiveness of multivitamin supplement of everyday functioning in subjects 65+ aged
  • Effect of food supplement on Blood Pressure
  • Safety and efficacy of Probiotic supplement in Menopausal subjects Symptoms
  • Assess the effects on an anti-aging supplement in 40 – 70 aged females subjects
  • Safety and Tolerability Assessment of a cardiovascular dietary supplement

Worldwide most of the regulatory authorities and the market itself require health claims about the efficacy and safety of dietary supplements to be substantiated with competent and reliable scientific evidence. In order to support companies that develops and manufacture these products our dedicated investigational team provide full-services for food and dietary supplement clinical trials:

  • scientific and medical writing
  • regulatory support
  • clinical conduct and organization
  • study management
  • clinical monitoring
  • statistical planning and analyses
  • data management
  • final study report development

Testing of food supplements on healthy volunteers or patients is essential for validating the effectiveness or efficacy of food supplement products. Positive clinical data obtained under proper experimental conditions strongly support the health claims of these products.

Clinical studies are an essential component for substantiating health claims for food supplements. They provide the highest level of scientific evidence into a cause-and-effect relationship. It is of highest importance to ensure all study objectives are included into a clinical study design and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines are followed so that all data and outcomes collected at the end of the study are relevant to the proposed health claim.