Swiss Biotech Day

On 24 – 25 April 2023 Convex CRO and a Phase I unit team attended Swiss Biotech Day. The event took place at Congress Center Basel, Switzerland. During the 2-day event our team managed to contact and to discuss in detail potential collaborations with innovative biotech start-ups and medium-sized biotech companies.

Multiple face-to-face meetings discussions over potential clinical trials partnering with Convex team have been performed. Convex successfully presented the capabilities and experience of early development phase I clinical research team focused on the conduct of clinical studies on healthy volunteers and patient population.

Variety of discussions over SAD/MAD as single center studies were also performed at the Swiss Biotech Day. Options for preferred partnering in bioequivalence and vaccine studies were also considered. We are glad to have the chance to welcome to our clinical research site some of the clinical trials experts working at a vaccine research organization in order to observe our capabilities and clinical research staff.

We are looking forward to turning all discussions/meetings into real partnerships and will continue visiting this so-well organized event even in the coming years.

Convex CRO and a Phase I unit team attended Swiss Biotech Day